2021 Horror

Harvested is a Holiday Horror Film, that is centered around Thanksgiving Day. The story follows a group of rappers who make a motel pit-stop in a small town while taking a road-trip. Their stay is cut short by the town legend who returns for vengeance on Thanksgiving night. Produced by Culture Forward Media Group LLC, Distributed by Culture Forward TV, Written and Directed by the 23x international award-winning filmmaker (4X Platinum), Ali West Ashe aka Alex West; Harvested boasts an all-star indie cast with Jordan Peelesque creativity, and horror elements from the 1960s. Starring Elester Latham, Ariel Brown, Dean Wil, Miranda Kathleen, Gregor Haley, Penny Q, Shane Liburd, and Andrew Garrett, with original music from Judell Rome and Clintd.