Hard Rock Zombies

1985 Action/Adventure | Comedy | Horror

Essentially a feature-length music video featuring one of the most horrendous, awful heavy metal acts in the history of hairspray and studded leather, this hilarious horror dud involves a band of hard-rockin' boneheads whose concert tour includes a stopover in a hick town where the inbred denizens are less than hospitable. After being collectively lynched by the local populace, the bandmembers manage a comeback of sorts -- apparently summoned by the spirit of oppressed metalheads everywhere -- and put paid to the hapless crackers. The filmmakers manage to throw every bad MTV and zombie-movie cliché into the pot (there's even a cameo appearance by Adolf Hitler), which helps alleviate some of the tedium, but there is nothing coherent enough to hold the wacky elements together...aside from the band's hideous musical numbers, which seem to improve somewhat after their collective deaths.~ Cavett Binion, All Movie Guide