Hamba Iblis


Tell about Tahir (Ameerul Affendi) who could do anything to get Aishah (Siti Saleha). With the help of his best friend, Malik (Ken Ridzuan), Tahir gets Tok Bomoh (Mior Hashim Manap) service. After fulfilling Tok Bomoh's demand for every night of the month, the jinn used to get Aishah should be treated with menstrual blood, finally Tahir's desire is reached. After a year of marriage and endowed with a son, Anis (Nurul Hikmah), Tahir once again got Tok Bomoh's service for a luxurious life to rejoice Aishah and take heart of his father-in-law. But this time the set conditions are very tight. If Tahir fails to 'entertain' his pet genitals with the dead human being killed, either Aishah will be the property of his genie until at any time or the life of his beloved son becomes a bet At the same time, Aishah's former girlfriend, Halim (Nam Ron) had just returned to the village after six years of disappearance and after that, beginning one conflict and finding an answer.