Goodbye America

1997 Action/Adventure | Drama | War | Romance

This United States/Philippine co-production examines how the real-life closing of the U.S. naval base at Subic Bay profoundly effected both the local Filipino community and the Americans who had served there. As the base's operations slowly wind down and naval manpower begins to dwindle, Commander Hamilton (Wolfgang Bodison) relies on three Navy SEALs to help keep the base secure. William Hawk (John Haymes Newton), a longtime soldier nearing the end of a tour of duty, is involved with Lisa Velasquez (Nannette Medved), a representative of the Mayor's office in nearby Olongapo City. Lisa has to deal with the economic crisis that the base's closing will doubtlessly bring to her community, as well as her own personal problems brought on by William's imminent departure and the strained relationship of her mother Anna (Daria Ramirez) and stepfather Ed (James Brolin). Paul Bladon (Alexis Arquette), another SEAL with the Subic Bay base, is the son of a U.S. Senator (Michael York), who will be visiting Subic Bay for the base's closing ceremonies. Sen. Bladon is bringing along Paul's girlfriend Angela (Maureen Flannigan), though Paul has fallen in love with Emma (Alma Concepcion), a former prostitute who now plans to marry Paul. The third SEAL, John Stryzack (Corin Nemec), is furious over what he sees as America's betrayal of its responsibilities in the Philippines; he winds up behind bars after a violent incident, but he plans to escape to assassinate Sen. Bladon, whom he believes is responsible for the closing of the base. Rae Dawn Chong also appears as a U.S. military investigator.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide