Gaston's War

1997 Drama | War

Gaston's War is the story of a Fleming who (together with many others) was sacrificed by the English in World War II in order to mislead the Germans. The recklessness, daring and innocence of the young hero form a sharp contrast to the ruthlessness of the English co-ordination services. Gaston's adventures in the resistance border on the incredible : not only is he active as a 19-20 year old in a vast area of enemy-occupied territory (from Brussels, through occupied France, to Spain), he is also appointed by London to reorganise the Dutch resistance because it has been completely infiltrated by the Germans. Finally he becomes a victim of the infamous Englandspiel. Gaston is moved around the European theatre like a pawn in a brutal game of chess. He is only able to survive the war through his own ingenuity.

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