Five Times Two

2005 Drama | Romance

As young French couple Gilles and Marion officially separate, we see, in reverse order, the milestone moments in their relationship: Gilles revealing his unfaithfulness at a tense dinner party; Marion giving birth to their premature son while Gilles is elsewhere; Gilles and Marion's joyous wedding; and, finally, the fateful moment when they meet as acquaintances at an Italian beach resort, and their love affair begins.

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Nobody does existential suffering quite like the French and in Francois Ozon's 5x2 he dissects the marriage of a couple, Marion (Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi) and Gilles (Stephane Freiss) in five distinct stages. The film starts with Gilles and Marion signing their divorce papers and Ozon uses this basis to work backwards in the couple's relationship, picking out defining moments in their union - from their first meeting to infidelities - which is, as we already know, destined to fail.

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