1996 Drama

Three aimless, unemployed and penniless youths hatch a devious plot in order to escape their nowhere lives in this lively Spanish thriller that begins as Rober and Max rob a supermarket owned by their cohort Ona's parents. Their next target is Daniel Peligro, the biological father of Max. Peligro, a prominent, wealthy theater director, has never seen his own son, nor does he even acknowledge his existence. The trio are committing these crimes to quickly earn the cash Rober needs to start his dream restaurant. Fearing that Max will be too emotional seeing his celebrated father for the first time, the three decide that Rober should change the color of one of his eyes (Peligro has one blue and one brown eye) and masquerade as Max. It turns out that the director welcomes his estranged off-spring into his home and even offers him the lead in his latest play. Meanwhile Rober makes hay with Peligro's beautiful girl friend. Not wanting to leave such a luxurious new life, Rober lies to the patiently waiting Max and Ona, telling them he needs more time to plan the crime.~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

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