Etiquette For Mistresses

2015 Drama

Not all mistresses are as cheeky and coarse as most of us would think. There are those who know their place, who know their etiquette, who just happened to be in love with committed men. A group of sophisticated, well-mannered mistresses are introduced to a newcomer whom they all guide into their world. Issues arise because not all mistresses are alike; there are those who choose to uphold tradition and follow the etiquette word for word, while the others go as far as breaking the rules. Their lives and beliefs are shaken when the lover of one of them makes a seemingly impossible dying wish—to die in the arms of his mistress. They begin to ask themselves: Will my partner even choose me during his dying days? Do I love him enough to take care of him? In the end, Etiquette For Mistresses is a movie about empowerment - how women are capable of making choices for how they wish to live their lives. And when they do so, who are we to judge them?