Eight Days a Week

1999 Romance | Comedy

Crazy-in-love like his great grandfather before him, Peter stand under the window of the girl of his dreams, day and night, all summer long, to steal her heart...and to become more than "just friends." But Erica is worth it. She's beautiful, loves trouble and hates conformity. In other words, she's perfect. With the world against him - parents, boyfriends, best friends, even the neighborhood version of Jesus and the Apostles - Peter never falters in his round-the-clock vigil. He becomes an unintentional voyeur of the activity on his street. He witnesses the whole circus of humanity, from feuding neighbors and flirtatious divorcees to prepubescent pyros and post-menopausal wackos. As a result, Peter not only becomes an expert in love, but an expert in life: a suburban guru to the young, marriage counselor to his parents, and a twenty-four-hour-a-day watchman who may be...a witness to murder.