Distant Close

2022 Drama

Boris works as a geography teacher in an ordinary Khabarovsk school. His life is pretty routine. In addition to the school and the garden, Boris has a son, Misha, with whom they have been communicating less and less lately and have become distant people for each other. Everything changes when Misha gives his father his old smartphone for his birthday. Boris begins to understand the phone and registers in social networks. Accidentally, Boris adds one unfamiliar woman named Nadezhda as a friend. An active correspondence is tied up, which subsequently becomes fateful. At one point, Boris decides to go to Nadezhda in the Moscow region to surprise her. He persuades his son, who is engaged in hauling cars, to take him with him on a trip. During a joint trip through all of Russia, old conflicts between father and son are revealed, the reasons for their separation from each other are clarified.

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