Die Sache mit der Wahrheit

2014 Drama

Perfect lover Bruno has no idea that 'air hostess' Michelle postpones moving in because she's a Munich waitress leading bigamy-like multiple lives while lacking a proper self-image. Bumping into study roommate, stick-tied-up boring hairdresser Doro(thea), Michelle poses as manager of her son Jacob's favorite pop band and accepts an invitation to the Wolfratshausen home. Doro's cop husband Matthias isn't amused to be spied upon by the eagle-eye he never could stand, as if he senses that the gay porn which Doro finds in the garage isn't about to 'compromise their son's future' as she rages but the result of her failure to provide marital satisfaction, unlike Mattias's hot newbie colleague Winnie. Truth time becomes inevitable for most of them, lots of courage is required to deal with it all

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