Dead Pigs

2018 Drama | Comedy | Family

Old Wang is a longtime pig farmer who invests his money in China's burgeoning tech industry. Candy Wang is a hairstylist facing off mega-developer Golden Happiness Properties, which wants to evict Candy from her ancestral land for a new development. American expat Sean Landry is the chief architect of this project with Golden Happiness. He has questionable credentials, but slides under the radar thanks to the popular bureaucratic attitude of never asking too many questions. Wang Zhen is just trying to make ends meet, kowtowing to the city's elite youth as a waiter in a roast pig restaurant bar. There, he meets Xia Xia, the wealthy and spoiled child of a successful businessman. Though they may not have met yet, the motley crew of DEAD PIGS is already bound together by simply existing in modern China.

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