Dark Lies the Island

2019 Drama | Suspense/Thriller | Comedy

If you’re going to get involved with men in the town of Dromord, they might as well be Mannions — and Sara is involved with them up to her neck. She’s married to Daddy Mannion more than twenty years her senior; he more or less owns the town. But her first love was his estranged son, Doggy Mannion, who is by now a criminal recluse living in the woods outside town. Then there’s the younger brother, Martin Mannion, a small-town Lothario and failing chicken farmer. Sara got involved with him too and now jealousy is rife in Dromord. The Mannion men have been set against each other, their truce cannot hold and violence is threatened

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by James W. Anderson
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Dark Lies the Island

Those that can weather the darkly comic sensibilities will find a real gem in this latest Irish cinema offering...

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