Crimson Wings

1958 Action/Adventure

At about the same time as lwami, president of a Tokyo company is murdered by an unknown assailant, it happens that an urgent call has been received from an airline company's office on remote Hachijo Island for a special serum. A Cessna aircraft which has been chartered by a man named Ohashi takes off for the island with the serum piloted by Ishida. But when airborne, Ohashi, who is the murderer of lwami, holds up Ishida at gunpoint and orders him to land on a small island west of Hachijo where a ship is waiting to take him to Hong Kong. Engine trouble forces them down on the island of Niijima, and at daybreak, Ishida, by a ruse succeeds in maneuvering Ohashi into the propeller. Battered and bloody, Ohashi fires at the moving plane, but although it is a race against an almost empty fuel tank, Ishida brings the aircraft safely in to a landing at Hachijo Island to deliver the precious serum on which a life depends.