Cinco fueron escogidos


Cinco fueron escogidos taking place in Slavko, a "peaceful town in Yugoslavia," with only Yugoslavians and Germans as characters, not a Mexican or Spaniard in sight. Another interesting point about Cinco fueron escogidos is the existence of an alternate version, shot in English with a different cast (at least in major roles). Sadly, this film, usually referred to as "Five Were Chosen" but sometimes called "Hostages" (not to be confused with the somewhat similar 1943 Hollywood movie with that title), appears to be lost. García Riera indicates the English-language version was screened in Mexico, at least for the press, but does not seem to have been released commercially in the Mexico or the USA. Since Herbert Kline was well-known for his leftist views, it's not surprising to note that many of the imported Hollywood actors were also left-leaning (and in fact more than one was blacklisted during the Red Scare era).