Chasing Bullitt

2019 Action/Adventure | Drama

CHASING BULLITT follows Hollywood legend Steve McQueen (played by Andre Brooks) after an unexpected confrontation with his agent, Freddie Fields. Struggling with the aftermath of shooting what would become his greatest critical and box office failure, Le Mans, Steve is broke and emotionally lost. He makes a deal with Freddie: he'll choose his next role in exchange for the location of his beloved GT 390; the presumed lost Ford Mustang from his iconic film, Bullitt. As he drives through the desert on his return to Los Angeles, he recalls both moments from his crumbling marriage to actress Neile Adams and deeper psychological scars through a tense, undesired appointment with a psychiatrist. These memories briefly subside with the arrival of a dynamic hitchhiker, Sula. Struggling to regain his focus, Steve finally narrows in on the location of the car that has been the object of his obsession. What he encounters there proves to be even more gratifying.