2015 Romance | Comedy

umbling fifth grade instructor Clement (Mouret) has a hard time putting a full sentence together, but that doesn't stop him from winning over Alicia (Efira), a film and theater star whose nephew he's been hired to tutor in math. The matinee idol and sheepish bookworm quickly hit it off, and all seems to be hunky-dory for the lovebirds until aspiring young actress, Caprice (Demoustier), pops into the picture.After a drunken night out with best bud, Thomas (Laurent Stocker), Clement winds up sleeping with Caprice, who he met during one of Alicia's shows. The extra-conjugal tryst throws his love life into a rut, especially when Caprice comes back for more. Meanwhile, Thomas and Alicia seem to be hitting it off in ways that suggest more than a casual friendship, opening up the potentiality of a four-way romance.