Bulaklak sa City Jail

1984 Drama | Suspense/Thriller

Aunor is shown singing in front of an inattentive beer house crowd. She is giving a spirited rendition but we only see the eyes, or lips or hands of those around her, except for Crisanto Ricky Davao, to whom Nora is obviously addressing her song. In the next scene, she is entering the city jail.Nora is Angela, an orphan who falls for a married man and is later accused of trying to kill his wife. But the film is more than just her story. It is an indictment of a prison system that instead of helping in the rehabilitation of inmates only make them worse. Angela meets several other characters. Juliet (Gina Alajar) is a young mother imprisoned for estafa and whose only dream is to escape and get her son now being maltreated by her husband's mistress. Viring (Perla Bautista) loses her sanity when her daughter (the product of a liaison with a prison guard) is forcibly taken away from her. Luna (Celia Rodriguez) sells her body to male inmates to send the money back to her son. Yolly (Shyr Valdez) is a teenager committed by her own mother for delinquency. Patricia (Maritess Gutierrez) is a student arrested for the accidental death of a colleague in their sorority's initiation rites. Then there's Barbie (Maya Valdez), the bastonera, and Tonya (Zeneida Amador), the mayora.