Between Two Lights: Suárez. First Part

2015 Documentary | Musical

From a screeching lo-fi sound to luminous pop songs; from a split with Juana La Loca to a Le Mans tribute EP; from a cassette tape with a red star in the groundbreaking film Rapado to the lead singer's main role in Silvia Prieto. In sum: from 1989 to 2001, Suárez rode the scene and stages of Argentine indie rock with great freedom, elegance and intelligence. Also during all those years, its members recorded on video many of its intimate moments and public tours. Blanco wisely sticks to organizing and polishing that analogic repertoire without adding anything else, and he lets Suárez dazzling mystery reveals itself slowly amidst jokes, music videos, dodgy video-camera effects, and lots and lots of other answering machines.