2016 Drama | Comedy

Bava lives in a lower middle class tenement in Triplicane, Chennai. He runs a water can business along with his friends. He also sings Gana songs in death ceremonies. During one such occasion he crosses swords with a local thug Mookuthi and gets a mobile phone while running for his life on the road. The owner of the mobile phone is the heroine and she wants it back. Bava’s repeated attempts to meet her and hand over the mobile fail due to various reasons and when he finally meets her with the mobile, he is brutally attacked by a group of goons and the mobile goes missing again.A local paid killer Radha is hired by a wealthy builder to kill Bava and snatch the phone from him. Whether Bava manages to escape the bid to kill him? What happen to the mobile phone and what is the reason behind the phone becoming a threat to his life? These questions are answered in the rest of the film.