Art Museum by the Zoo

1998 Drama | Romance | Comedy

Romance blooms amidst informal story conferences in this witty romantic story. Chul-soo (Lee Seong-jae), a young man who is on leave from the Korean army, goes to the apartment he shares with his girlfriend, Da-hye (Song Seon-mil), only to make a startling discovery -- Da-hye has broken up with him, moved out, and sublet the apartment to a friend, Choon-hee (Shim Eun-ha). Chul-soo is understandably upset, and announces he's not leaving the apartment until Da-hye stops by to discuss this state of affairs with him. As it seems that might take a while, Chul-soo and Choon-hee are forced to get to know each other. It turns out Choon-hee makes her living making wedding videos but really wants to direct feature films; she's working on a screenplay, but can't type especially well. Chul-soo, however, is a fine typist and starts helping her prepare her script. The screenplay, entitled The Art Museum by the Zoo, is a story of unrequited love between a young woman and an older man, and soon two people who at first had no interest in being friends find themselves talking about love a great deal. First time director Lee Jeong-hyang scored a hit with this film, which was a major box office success in its native South Korea.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide