Anton Corbijn Inside Out

2012 Documentary

An intimate portrait of internationally renowned photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn. He made a name for himself with his black-and-white photographs of celebrities such as Joy Division, U2, Miles Davis, and Björk. Corbin also made his mark as a film director with his feature "Control" about the life of Joy Division front-man Ian Curtis. Here, we get access to the private life of this reclusive artist, and while the cameras are rolling, he undergoes a change. Corbin takes a break from working and his experiences during that time help him to discover a new side of photography. The viewer also gets insight into Corbijns childhood: his father was a pastor who was not able to give him emotional support, and his mother only learned to open herself emotionally when she was old. However, this environment proved supportive to Corbijn because both supported his decision to leave school before graduation in order to pursue photography.