Angie: Lost Girls

2020 Drama

Teenager Angie Morgan is recruited by a boy her age who takes an interest in her love of music. When her parents don't turn up for her school music recital, Angie accepts Mario's invite to meet his uncle, who she is told is established in the music business and can help her reach her goals. In the midst of what she thought was going to be an audition of sorts, Angie is raped and abused. They threaten to show her parents a video of her rape if she tries to escape.Full of shame and fear, Angie resigns herself to her new life. As the story unfolds, we are taken through both the family's journey of dealing with their loss, and Angie's ways of surviving in her situation. When Angie finally escapes and is brought home, the family is faced with a very different daughter from the one they knew.