Ang TV Movie: The Adarna Adventure

1996 Action/Adventure | Drama | Comedy

A group of youngsters composed of Choppy, Jersey, Billy, Jillian, and Joey Cordero hangs out every night in the ancestral house of Noreen to listen to the bedtime stories of Lola Binyang. Each story-telling begins as soon as Lola Binyang sits on her rocking chair and the kids huddle around her. One night, Lola Binyang tells a story about a kingdom named Berbanya. The king of the said kingdom is terribly ill and the only cure for his ailment is the mystical bird called Adarna. The King has three sons Prinsipe Diego, Prinsipe Pedro, and Prinsipe Juan. The three princes are set to travel in an enchanted forest to get the Adarna to rescue the king's health. However the two older princes plan nothing but plot evil traps to kill their youngest brother in the woods. Meanwhile the youngsters are transported from reality into the Kingdom of Berbanya to join the adventure of saving the Kingdom.