Ang Lalaki sa Buhay ni Selya

1997 Drama

SynopsisThe story revolves around Selya (Rosanna Roces), a schoolteacher. She wants more commitment from Bobby (Gardo Versoza), with whom she has a sexual relationship, but Bobby refuses to give her what she wants and he leaves her. Selya runs away and ends up in a little town where she meets Piling (Eva Darren), who is also a schoolteacher, and Dave (Ricky Davao), a closeted gay man. The townspeople are homophobic, and she begins to hear vicious criticisms and unbridled gossip as she embarks on a relationship with Dave. Selya realizes that things won't end well as Dave does not want a sexual relationship with her, and she walks out on Dave even as he proposes to her. Selya goes back to Bobby, only to regret her decision when he gets her pregnant and still doesn't change. Selya then decides to return to Dave and raise her child with him. Eventually, she becomes happy with her decision to live in a civil union with Dave, though their relationship remains platonic, and Selya realizes her worth as a woman. In the end, as Bobby tries to take her and their child away from Dave, Selya confronts her own irony, daringly exhibiting her strength of character as she conquers her physical desires and chooses the more emotionally rewarding bond.