An Almost Perfect Scam

2019 Suspense/Thriller | Comedy

The boss of the Podhale mafia, who talks a lot about the nickname Nervous ( Olaf Lubaszenko ), is furious. This is normal in his case, because the guy by nature is not an oasis of peace, but this time he has a really good reason. His men stole 120 kilos of herbal tea from the police station in Tczew during a reckless operation. For damn herbal tea? Exactly. Marijuana was supposed to be in the police warehouse, but someone had killed Zakopane and had flown with the goods. Agents Dzik ( Cezary Pazura ) and Zubr ( Artur Dziurman ) from the Central Bureau of Investigations are closely watching the whole case , who suspect a scam on the voivodship scale. Meanwhile, in Pomerania someone sells excellent quality "grass".