Abbi fede

2020 Comedy

An overly optimistic priest with a penchant for taking in lost causes to help around his remote church finds his rose-tinted view of the world challenged by a psychotic criminal he is trying to reform. Father Ivan prides himself on his efforts to help those in need by offering them a variety of odd jobs around the church and spreading the good word. After adopting a violent Saudi immigrant and a drunken Austrian ski pro, Ivan is approached by Adamo, a decidedly non reformed criminal planning to lie low in the mountainside. When Ivan inquires as to what his new charge's goal will be during his stay, the criminal sarcastically states that he would like to bake a strudel cake with the churchyard apple tree. As crows immediately descend upon the tree, Ivan concludes that Satan is attempting to prevent Adamo from realizing his true potential. Meanwhile, Adamo takes it upon himself to give the cheery clergyman a crash course in the harsh realities of life.