A Different American Dream

2017 Documentary

A Different American Dream explores their dilemma through the eyes of tribal members as they pursue what turn out to be few options. Surrounded by the chaos and frenzy of fracking, Dr. Biron Baker is distrustful of the oil industry and sees the boom as the latest in a series of grave injustices against his people. Dave Williams spearheads a tribally owned oil company, hopeful that profits will flow directly to the tribe and that the newfound wealth will solve many of the its problems. Chairman Mark Fox welcomes the influx of wealth but fears for its impact on his young family. All the while, Edmund Baker, Environmental Director of the tribe, and his colleagues at the tribal environmental protection agency spend their days in a Sisyphean effort to monitor the damage done and protect their ancient homelands. Running throughout the story is a young girl, JayLi, who is using her spiritual powers to enlist the help of their ancestors in their struggle.