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Long Time Dead

Actors: Joe Absolom, Lukas Haas, James Hillier, Lara Belmont, Melanie Gutteridge, Tom Bell

Release Date: Monday 30th November -0001

Running time: 94 minutes minutes

First time director, Marcus Adams, eschews many of the stereotypical clichés and shallow characterisations associated with the slasher/supernatural film in Long Time Dead, but the movie is certainly not without its faults. A group of London teenagers start fiddling around with a Ouija board after a night on the tiles. What starts out a gag soon turns nasty when the link to the spirit world is broken and a hideous demon possesses one of their number. Adams has assembled a cast of eager bright young things and supplies them for the most part with a witty, and reasonably inventive script. Unfortunately, rather than creating a mood of general unease through what we don't see (a la The Others) the director gradually seems to lose faith in his own ability after a 'spirited' opening (geddit? Ho-hum), Long Time Dead descends into a farcical affair. Still, it's not bad and infinitely better than the likes of Soul Survivors. Then again, that's not much of a recommendation.