Talk to us about the state of that hefty loan we owe back to the IMF or the stereotype that we drink like there's a drought a comin' and we bow our heads in shame. Talk to us about our Hollywood actor exports, however, and we're BEAMING. Yes, we are all thrilled with the news that Brendan Gleeson is nominated in the Best Actor in a Comedy category for the 2012 Golden Globes. But sure why wouldn't he be? Isn't he only one of the finest actors in the business. Speaking directly to, here's what Element Pictures and Producer of The Guard, Ed Guiney had to say about this fantastic news:

"We are totally delighted that Brendan's wonderful performance has been recognized with this nomination. His Gerry Boyle is a truly great comic creation and one of the great characters of Irish cinema."

If you didn't catch the other names in this category yesterday here they are again:


  • Jean Dujardin in 'The Artist'
  • Brendan Gleeson in 'The Guard'
  • Owen Wilson in 'Midnight in Paris'
  • Joseph Gorden-Levitt in '50/50'
  • Ryan Gosling in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'

Here's movie editor Mike Sheridan chatting to the man himself just after the movie was made. Interview here.

To remind us of what a fantastic job he did as Gerry Boyle, take a gander below.


Caroline Foran