After four years and four films, The Twilight Saga comes to an end with the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 today!

The film marks the final chapter in Bella's journey from damsel in distress to sparkly vampire mammy and sees the Cullens and the werewolves teaming up to take on the might of the vicious Volturi. With his family in danger, Edward sets off to recruit blood suckers from across the globe for an epic final battle that will decide their fate.

Caroline Foran, our resident expert on all things Twilight, headed to London to catch up with the stars of the saga and fulfill a four year ambition to meet Robert Pattinson. Miraculously she managed not to faint in the presence of R-Patz and talked stardom and surfing in an exclusive interview with the Twilight heartthrob!

She also caught up with Kristen Stewart who taught her a thing or two about jetlag and even cracked a smile, while walking six pack Taylor Lautner reminisced about wigs lost and told one very happy Twihard that he hopes to come to Ireland. You heard it here first!

Breaking Dawn Part 2 is in cinemas now.