We're now six months into the year, both half way through the year, and half way through this year's slate of summer blockbusters. So we've decided to take a look back over which movies have scored the biggest at the box office, both worldwide and in Ireland specifically, as well as which movies had the biggest U.S. opening weekends, which is the true sign of a whether or not we've got a hit or a flop on our hands.

Worldwide Box-Office 2013
Here's the top ten movies on the worldwide box office league. Only one billion dollar maker this year so far (opposed to the four from 2012), but keep in mind that some of these movies are still in cinemas, and are still in line to make A LOT more money.
1. Iron Man 3 $1.207 billion
2. Fast & Furious 6 $646 million
3. The Croods $577 million
4. Oz The Great & Powerful $492 million
5. Star Trek Into Darkness $430 million
6. Man Of Steel $398 million
7. G.I. Joe: Retaliation $369 million
8. The Hangover Part III $325 million
9. The Great Gatsby $313 million
10. Oblivion $283 million

Biggest U.S. Opening Weekends
2012 saw the biggest opening weekend of all time, and the only time a movie has passed $200 million in just three days in the US alone, a record set by The Avengers. Fast becoming a go-to meter for whether or not a movie is a hit or a miss, with movie executives make or breaking a potential sequel on a film's opening numbers. The following are the movies that managed to net $50 million or more in just one weekend in the States.
1. Iron Man 3 $174 million
2. Man Of Steel $116 million
3. Fast & Furious 6 $96 million
4. Monsters University $82 million
5. Oz The Great & Powerful $79 million
6. Star Trek Into Darkness $70 million
7. World War Z $66 million
8. The Great Gatsby $50 million

Irish Box Office
Sometimes we think that being a little small island in the middle of a recession that there's not a lot of money to be made here, but you'd be wrong. We're the second highest of cinema visits per person in Europe (just behind Iceland), and we spend millions - MILLIONS - at the cinema! The following is a list of the ten biggest Irish box office hits, but again, some of these movies are still on release and are liable to make more money. Also, this list doesn't include some of the most recent sure-to-be box office hits like Man Of Steel and World War Z, as those numbers were not yet available.
1. Iron Man 3 €2.8 million
2. Les Miserables €2.3 million
3. The Croods €2.2 million
4. Wreck It Ralph $2 million
5. The Hangover Part III $1.9 million
6. Fast & Furious 6 €1.7 million
7. Star Trek Into Darkness $1.6 million
8. The Impossible €1.5 million
9. Oz The Great & Powerful $1.4 million
10. Django Unchained $1.3 million

And, finally, we got together some folk and asked them what their favorite three movies of the year so far were, and there were some interesting choices, and some over-lapping choices, too!

Rory Cashin
Entertainment.ie Movie Reviewer

1. Lincoln
2. The Impossible
3. Before Midnight

Caroline Foran
Entertainment.ie Head Editor

1. Broken
2. Flight
3. Iron Man 3

Gavin Burke
Entertainment.ie Movie Reviewer

1. Behind The Candelabra
2. West Of Memphis
3. Broken

Brian Lloyd
Entertainment.ie Contributor

1. Robot & Frank
2. Star Trek Into Darkness
3. Trance

Sarah Doran
Entertainment.ie TV Editor

1. Side Effects
2. Stoker
3. Star Trek Into Darkness

David O'Shaughnessy
Entertainment.ie Gossip & WTF Editor

1. The Place Beyond The Pines
2. The Great Gatsby
3. Side Effects

And, finally, Emmett J. Scanlan
Star of Hollyoaks, Charlie Casanova and The Fall (just, cos, ye know… famous people watch movies too)

1. Django Unchained
2. Wreck It Ralph
3. Iron Man 3

So that's that, six months down, six months to go. Tell us in the comments below what your favorite three movies of the year so far have been!