OK, first it's worth pointing out that what we experience as interviewers isn't likely a 100% true reflection of the person we're speaking to.

Junket set-ups can be extremely rushed and like a conveyor-belt for all involved. Some people just have bad days - hey, movie stars are human too you guys. 

That said, when you've travelled a long way to talk to talk to someone and they turn out to be really cool, it makes the trip more than just a professional one. Every movie and talk show appearance you see them do, you'll lean to your other half and say "they're sound." Most likely to the point of irritation. We're fans of these guys too and sometimes, try as we might, it's tough to hide that.


8. PAUL RUDD for Ant-Man

When we sent Brian Lloyd to interview Paul Rudd, he had a little bit of a mishap before going into the room. Simply put, there was a mix-up and Brian had zero preparation for his questions. In a panic, the conversation with Paul Rudd shifted from Ant-Man to soul music and Paul Rudd went along with it. What follows is six minutes of trying to wing an interview with Paul Rudd, who was so sound that he actually went along with it. Thanks, Paul Rudd. You truly are the best.


7. PAUL WALKER for Fast & Furious 5

Obviously a bittersweet addition after his tragic death a few years ago, our editor Mike Sheridan spoke to Walker and the rest of the Fast 5 cast in Rio in Brazil. The set-up was unusual, because it was open plan, so you could witness the cast doing their interviews while you waited to do yours. Walker was a gentleman to everyone, showing patience with those who didn't have English as a first language, and being pretty much the same off camera as he was when it was rolling. We only got to talk to him for a few minutes, but Paul Walker didn't seem like the kind of guy who was affected by stardom at all. Our favorite bit? When we told him we actually liked the film he seemed surprised. "I've heard it was pretty good, but I haven't seen it yet." Legend.



6. KEANU REEVES for John Wick

Keanu Reeves is known for his laidback demeanour and, sure enough, when we sat down to the interview him for John Wick, he was just that. More than happy to chat about anything - including his little-seen documentary Side By Side and, yes, Bill & Ted - Keanu Reeves really was just as cool and calm as you'd expect. He also gave us a little shout-out, which he didn't have to do and was very sound of him. You can watch the full interview with Keanu here.


5. HELEN MIRREN for Monsters University

Although she's known for being one of the most talented actors working today, Helen Mirren really doesn't give off any kind of airs or graces. Extremely down-to-earth, Mirren was happily chatting away with our Caroline Foran for Monsters University. Every bit as genteel and sound as you'd think.


4. JASON SEGAL for The Five-Year Engagement

Segal came to Dublin to promote his film, The Five Year Engagement and was a pleasure to be around from beginning to end. While we chatted to Jason in a normal, movie junket scenario, we also spent the best part of an hour with him while we did a live web chat with some entertainment.ie readers. Personable, funny and the proprietor of a genuine warmth off-screen as well as on, it's easy to see why this guy has been as successful as he has. You can watch the full interview with Jason here.


3. CHARLIE COX for Daredevil

We met Charlie Cox ahead of the first season of Daredevil on Netflix, of which he is the titular star. You may have previously seen him in Boardwark Empire but this was undoubtedly a career defining role for Cox - taking on a lead in what would be the first of a series of Marvel shows for Netflix. Perhaps that is why he came across as sound as he did because from the moment we met the actor he genuinely seemed happy to be there, and delighted to be talking about the show. Even though, as is par for the course with junkets, he inevitably had already given the same answers multiple times. We were won over by him from the get-go though as a change of camera film resulted in a couple minutes waiting to get started, and he was happy to fill what could have been an awkward silence with chat. As opposed to many other stars who will barely acknowledge you're in the room until the camera is rolling. A gentleman through and through. Charlie Cox, if you're ever in town, the pints are on us.


2. AMY POEHLER for Inside Out

Amy Poehler's known for her comedic talents - Parks and Recreation being one of the best sitcoms of the last ten years. However, what we didn't know was that Amy Poehler really, REALLY like quizzes. In fact, when we brought up our Emotional Quiz, she just perked right up. We also loved how genuinely honest she was about the waffles image AND for saying that Nick Offerman smells like the future. We always thought that and now we know it's true because Amy Poehler said it.


1. THE ROCK for San Andreas

We've interviewed him a total of 4 times, and every single time Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson gets sounder and sounder. Always giving you something different each time and genuinely interested in you and what you have to say. The Rock doesn't allow the fact he's promoting a blockbuster get in the way of being genuinely, utterly bang on. The biggest movie star on the planet right now, the man is living proof that sometimes nice guys do finish first. Legend.