Every incarnation of FIFA is basically a tweaked version of the previous year.

Buzzwords like "overhaul" and "re-invention" and thrown around every July and August to drum up some anticipation, but in the end there's some new jerseys, some transfers, new ratings for players, and a slight repackaging of the Career and Ultimate Team modes.

Having said that, FIFA 16 is by far the best FIFA that EA have ever made. We could sit here all day and complain about the cost of the game, and whether it's worth forking out the money for a few small differences, but the answer to that would be a resounding yes.

As usual the passing has improved, now giving you the option to hold a shoulder button while playing a ground pass, which will zip that ball crossfield on the deck as if you were Andrea Pirlo. As amazing as this looks, and believe us it really is visually stunning, it's a move you're only going to be pulling off in your backline, unless you actually are playing as Andrea Pirlo .

The passing, unless using all of the computer assists, is a lot tougher this year, with the build up being slower, more intricate. Computer intelligence has improved and your players will make better runs for you, but passing the ball through the eye of a needle simply won't happen, nor will a perfectly weighted 40-yard chip over the top. 

The game is made for the upper-tier players. Much like how you don't expect to see a Championship level player cut inside a Top 4 wing back and hammer one into the top corner, don't expect to score wondergoals flying in if you're playing against Chelsea with Derby County. 

The big change to this season are of course 12 of the women's international sides being included. The women's teams play differently, with more of an emphasis on speed and skill, but unfortunately they're only available in kick-off mode, and in tournaments, although a 12-team tournament isn't exactly much fun, but the fact that the teams have the full licencing and the players have full facial scanning is a great start.

Finally, the Career Mode is what it has always been, fun but flawed. Minor improvements are quickly forgotten about when the frustrating problems of the past are yet to be dealt with, but we're knit-picking here, especially because this game has always been at its best when played against friends or people online, not the computer.