It seems like such simple idea: Bring together a group of talented, young singers from around the world. They meet in a beautiful European city. They work with a world-class director, conductor, composer and lyricist to prepare for a finale concert in a spectacular performance hall. They perform with an internationally-loved National Choir and sing a world-premier piece. It’s 8 days of singing, performing, sight-seeing, learning, laughing and bonding. Bringing the world together in song. Sounds amazing, right?

That’s exactly why Tracy Resseguie molded the idea into World Choral Fest 2013. And, to our knowledge, it’s the first time for a choral event like this anywhere in the world. Tracy got the idea while traveling through Norway in March 2011. He was taking his Staley High School Falcon Chorale on a whirl-wind singing tour across Norway. The choir performed Over Havet, a piece he commissioned to honor his great grandfather Peter Mandius Nerland, in the small, island church Peter left behind to travel across the sea to the United States in 1899. They also performed Over Havet in the main hall of Ellis Island.

So, the seed of the World Choral Fest idea was planted and grew quickly over the summer. With the help of travel expert and native Irishman Declan O’Brien and marketing pro Doug Stremel – the World Choral Fest idea has become reality. And you can become part of this incredible, once in a lifetime experience.