What kinda people kill each other most? Family people. Brothers.

Squeaky clean Ivy League graduate Austin’s hope of writing his masterpiece in the peace and quiet of his Mother’s empty suburban home are quickly dashed with the arrival of his dangerous, estranged brother Lee. A beer swilling desert rat, eschewing modern society and its norms, Lee has no time for Austin’s ideals of 'Art' but when the almighty American Dollar comes into play Austin is forced to put his life’s work aside to help Lee tell his story of the 'True West'

TRUE WEST is to be Ramblinman's premiere production. Directed by James Murphy and Genevieve Hulme-Beaman and starring Cillian O’Gairbhi, Jamie O’Neill, Roger Gregg and Diane Richardson , TRUE WEST is a portrait of two brothers struggling with the tensions of their family past, their own preconceptions of each other and the art of storytelling. Ramblinman was founded in September 2011 and it is fitting that this American classic is to be their premiere production.
'The play seemed to reflect all the things that we as a company were interested in exploring. It conjures up all the imagery of the dusty American landscape, there’s a bareness and loneliness to the play,' says James Murphy. 'The idea of the lone storyteller in the desert appealed very much to an ethos we were trying establish.'

'There’s also that tension of truth vs escapism which fits very well into our collective ideas of what makes for good theatre.' - Cillian O’Gairbhi

The play will run from the 6th to the 14th of April at the black box studio at Smock Alley. Patrick Sutton of Smock Alley has expressed his delight at the company setting up shop for the first time in Smock.

'It’s fitting, it’s fitting in a number of ways. The group are made up of three of last year’s graduates of the Gaiety School Acting (of which Sutton is director) so we’re familiar with not only their talent but their enthusiasm and industry when it comes to theatre. It’s exciting times as well. Smock Alley Theatre is reopening at the end of March so to strike up new relationships with new theatre companies is of benefit for all concerned. We’re hoping to establish relations that will see Ramblinman still performing in Smock Alley in years to come and attracting new audiences to our theatre.'