Where would Little Red Riding Hood or Tom Thumb be without a forest to get lost in? La Maquine presents ‘The Forest of Grimm’, a show without words full of eye-catching images inspired by the well-known stories of The Brothers Grimm: Tom Thumb, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty. An experience that takes place through music, puppets, objects and projections in a visual show for all ages inspired by the timeless tales and dream world of our childhood.

FRI 17 MAY - 10AM and 12 NOON
SAT 18 MAY - 1PM and 3PM

‘Magnificently lit and arranged with a precise rhythm and enchantment palpable in every figure, in every puff of smoke and in every projection, whether of an immense moon or a dizzy clock. Everything is as charming as it is enchanting …’