by Lindsay J. Sedgwick

Eve needs to tell her lover something he really doesn’t want to hear. But how do you make someone understand what it means to be losing your eyesight gradually? To know that soon, even if she still dreams in colour, she will wake up to a black and white world?

She decides to take him behind her eyes so that he will understand how it feels and she does this with a lyrical epiphany of a letter – to her lover, to life and to colour. The play was inspired by and is dedicated to a friend, Tanvir Bushe.

'A Portrait of the Artist as a Youngish Woman' .
Sarah Kinlen

'A Portrait' is an exploration, celebration and a challenge. Looking at the area of sexuality in Ireland and drawing inspiration from Joyce's 'A Portrait of the Artist as a young man' - the exploration of sexuality used to be viewed by the Catholic Ireland as smutty and base. Today homosexuality is still quite taboo. How does this impact on an artist, and moreover a female artist? What does the knowledge of someone’s sexuality in the hands of employers alter, even if unconsciously? What kind of micro-aggressions are there and prejudices are there still at play in a PC world? COME AND EXPLORE!