Every year, Guth Gafa curates a selection of some of the best Irish short films of recent years. This year’s selection includes the world premiere of PONYDANCE!, and Bye Bye Now, part of which was shot in Malin Village.

Bye Bye Now
Aideen O’Sullivan, Ross Whitaker, Ireland, 2009, 15’

Multi-Award-Winning Bye Bye Now is an amusing, poignant documentary about the fate of the Irish phone booth.

Remember Me My Ghost
Ross McDonnell, Ireland, 2011, 17’

An exploration into the domestic lives of the residents of the disappearing flats in the Ballymun community. One woman's determination to better her life circumstances despite facing enormous personal challenges.

5 Voices
Colm Mullen, Ireland, 2012, 8’

‘Five Voices’ is an emotive and positive documentary film that explores the challenges faced by those that have grown up and raised a family in the Clondalkin area of Dublin, Ireland; an area greatly affected by drugs and gangs.

Derek O’Conner, Ireland, 2012, 25’

A Belfast based documentary about an Irish Language dance troup, Ponydance. Champions of comedy dance theatre, Ponydance have performed to less than ten people in parish halls and over ten thousand people in the Aviva Stadium.

There will be a QandA and a performance following the screenings.