'Invisible Scars started by investigating the physical landscape where accidents have occurred. How has this dramatic event affected its surroundings? And is it only our interaction with this area which has changed? The fractured landscape will heal its self once again, vegetation will re-grow, fences will be mended and walls rebuilt. When it does do the scars of the act remain?
This fractured landscape now carries different connotations. We view this terrain in relation to the incident, in contrast to our previous affiliation of its picturesque surroundings. The memorabilia often placed to honor the dead shifts the landscapes undertone once more. The items chosen by family and friends to represent their loved ones now mar the soil over again. Flowers foreign to the landscapes, religious artifacts and personal tributes are brought together in anguish.

Opening Evening: 18:30 4th July 2013, The Bleeding Horse'

This is an unticketed free event.