If Sam’s your man (a local lad incidentally), then Pavilion is the place to be as Peter Pacey, Oengus MacNamara and Colette Kelley give free expression to three of the Irish author’s seminal works. John Calder has been a publisher since 1949 with an international list that includes 23 Nobel Prize Winners, among many of the most illustrious names of twentieth century literature.

The three plays are:

Eh Joe(40 mins): Peter Pacey and Colette Kelly Joe sitting on his bed hears the voice of his old love accusing him of all his past misdeeds and reacts guiltily

The Old Tune(40 mins): Peter Pacey and Oengus MacNamara Two old soldiers meet on a street corner and talk about the past,but their memories often differ about people,places and other matters. One of Beckett's most amusing plays adapted from La Manivelle by Robert Pinget.

Footfalls(25 mins): Colette Kelly

May walks backward and forward while her old mother in bed above, hears her and speaks to her. Is May a ghost? Is Amy who she sees in a locked up church late at night another ghost?

Post-show discussion with John Calder