Described by playwright Alan Ayckbourn as "brilliantly observed, richly comic characters, all played to painful perfection, a wonderful evening'", Are There More of You? is a tale of four women, living utterly different lives, linked, it seems, only by a postcode, though all on the 'verge of a nervous breakthrough'. 

First there is CLAIRE, bright, abandoned Ambassador's wife, with blood on her hands; Italian SOPHIA, serving egg 'n' chips by day and osso bucco and Verdi by night, while upstairs Mamma seems set to last forever; SARA, the local Spirit Weaver, all sweetness and light, unless you tangle with her; and SAM, bluff northern business woman, who's always got on with men, but seems to be going home alone.

Directed by Jeremy Stockwell (The Speaker, for BBC2), Are There More of You? played to 4 star reviews at the Brighton Fringe Festival, and sold out performances at the Oxford Playhouse and Yvonne Arnaud Theatre.

"Go see how character comedy acting is done! "  - Miranda Hart