A family come together in their isolated cabin for a wedding anniversary, only for a group of masked assailants to attack them throughout the night. But all is not as it seems within the family. Having done fantastically well on the horror film festival circuit, this may well end up being THE best horror flick of 2013.

Not a lot of people know this but there is a little known subgenre of horror called Get A Lot Of People In A House And Kill Them. It may lack refinement, finesse, and plays fast and loose with tone and plot, but Get A Lot Of People In A House And Kill Them movies deliver if all you're looking for is a movie where a lot of people are killed in a house. Shot in 2010, You're Next has received a belated release because of director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett's subsequent work on V/H/S and its sequel.
ight couples converge on a secluded country home as the retired parents of brothers Crispin (Bowen) and Felix (Tucci) welcome their sons, and their wives and girlfriends, to a lavish evening meal. However, before they can finish dessert they are set upon by a gang of mask-wearing, crossbow-wielding, knife-waving ne'er do wells that have been lying in wait in the woods outside. Who they are and why they're choosing to cut a bloody swathe through this ensemble of party guests remains a mystery.
nfortunately though, You're Next doesn't know what it wants to do with itself. On one hand it's a cheapo, ill-made horror where the filmmakers devise some uninspiring ways to kill off their cast, and on the other it's a black comedy, a parody of cheapo, ill-made horrors. If Wingard and Barrett had embraced the ridiculousness of it all from the off we'd be looking at a better movie, and reading a better review, but the funny stuff arrives far too late in the day. Who wouldn't laugh along to lines like, "F**k me next to your dead mother"? More of that would have been great.
n delaying the laughs, Wingard and Barrett render their movie lopsided. And there's a lot of wasted time - the opening ten minutes, the formulaic early scare - that doesn't serve the plot well, while some of the reveals are added as an afterthought: we learn that a meek character can suddenly mash heads in with hammers and can assemble some Home Alone type booby traps because she grew up on a survivalist's compound. Convenient, that.
ut when it's funny it's really funny, and one time Home & Awayer Sharni Vinson makes a strong case for the next Queen Action Heroine.