David Bowie. Ray Charles. Sheryl Crow. Michael Jackson. Mick Jagger. Bette Midler. Phil Spector. Bruce Springsteen. Sting. Tina Turner. Stevie Wonder. These are just some of the people who appear in this documentary, whether it be via talking head interview or archive footage, but this movie isn't about any of them. It’s about the people behind them.
n an age when digital trickery has made back-up singers almost incidental, niche and practically unnecessary, it is something of a joy to see these famed supporters do their thing. Focusing on a select group of those who were kept just out of the spotlight in order to further the careers who are already front and centre, the movie is a startling insight into the mind of the subjugated, as well as the abuse of power from those who already possess it.

ne of the supporting stars in particular, Darlene Love, could've supported the weight of the entire documentary on her own life story. From preacher’s daughter to walked-on doormat by those more famous, to hotel room cleaner, to playing Danny Glover’s wife in the Lethal Weapon movies… and she's just one of many who have been involved in songs and albums that many people today still love, but have literally no idea who they might be.
here are many surprising revelations to be discovered – such as one family of singers being involved in The Lion King soundtrack, or the fact that Luther Vandross started off as a backing singer for David Bowie – and then there are moments such as a live recording of The Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter, featuring the soul-stirring vocals by Merry Clayton, that are a perfect encapsulation of how these things simply would never be as they are with those who aren't given enough credit for their contributions.
round the hour mark in, things begin to get a little repetitive, and while the movie is never less than warm and endearing, there is a sense that there is a darker story to be told that is being avoided. Despite that, for any fans of modern music, as well as being a fascinating look at those unsung heroes, this is a must see.