A blacklisted script, a production that had an insane amount of actors attached (and leave) at different points (Michael Fassbender, Jude Law and Bradley Cooper), and a director who bounced just as cameras were about to roll (Lynne Ramsay)... it's remarkable that Jane Got a Gun made it to screens at all.

et here we are, watching a film that's admirable purely for the fact that it's made it to cinemas... but isn't very good.
espite a strong lead performance from Natalie Portman and the always watchable Joel Edgteron, this is about as bland and uneventful as westerns get.
ortman is the titular Jane, a tough as nails Mother in the wild, grimy, not-very-fun West. A place where people mostly just owe each other money and enjoy the odd murder. For reasons we won't divulge on account of spoilers, her husband returns home one evening riddled with bullet holes. A gang of wrongsorts (led by a snarling Ewan McGregor) are looking to finish the job and off Jane too. So our heroine attempts to enlist the help of an estranged ex (Edgerton), offering him money in exchange for protection.
ook, regardless of the production issues, this is a proficient enough film. O'Conner is a very good director and obviously steadied the ship and brought some semblance of consistency. It's just not very exciting or as impactful as it could've been. One revelation in particular should leave you speechless, but just kind of happens matter-of-factly and that's true of most of the film.
ortman is great, Edgerton should be a star and O'Conner will make far better films. Worth waiting for it to pop up on demand out of curiosity maybe. Otherwise not worth the dosh for a cinema outing.