A brisk Dublin based thriller, the low budget Dead Bodies may run out of ideas before its overwrought conclusion, but for the most part, this is an interesting thriller. Tommy (Scott) has just broken up with his high maintenance girlfriend Jean (Davis) and seems happy to drift through life, working in a supermarket and boozing his way through the weekend with best mate, Noel (Healy). When the tempestuous Jean comes back into Tommy's life, it isn't long before the pair are each other's throats and one of their regular domestics leads to her accidental death. Unwilling to confess his involvement, Tommy decides to bury Katy in the Dublin mountains. It's there, however, that he makes a startling discovery which gets him in even more trouble than he ever thought possible.
Defiantly downbeat in terms of humour and atmosphere, Dead Bodies is a dark if flawed thriller. The absence of a sturdy subplot means that Dead Bodies feels a little one dimensional, while the final scenes try too hard to tie up everything up in a neat package. But if you're prepared to run with the unlikely narrative coincidences, this is an engaging affair and worth a closer look.