Ever since he was a small boy, Flint Lockwood (Hader) has wanted to be an inventor, working away in his purposely-built den in the back garden. But his inventions always turn out to be a disaster; the inhabitants of his small town on an island in the Atlantic Ocean get increasingly peeved with his contraptions running (and sometimes flying) amok. When his last invention proves to be another catastrophe, angering the townsfolk further, Flint is encouraged to put his dreams to one side and work in his father Tim's (Caan) bait and tackle shop.
It's here that Flint gets another idea: since the only food available to the townsfolk is sardines, which they hate, how about a machine that could rain down proper food? With hamburgers, steaks and meatballs on the 'menu', his invention is a success at first and Flint is proclaimed a hero. However, as the machine gets out of control and fires down increasingly bizarre and larger meals, only Flint can stop it before the food mountain destroys the town.
Adapted from the popular '70s kid's book, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs is wacky fun but it never quite clicks into place. A plot like this screams for 3D (who wouldn't want to see a tasty looking three-course meal flying out at you?), but the 3D aspect isn't fully justified until the last twenty minutes, which is where Cloudy... Turns out to be a real action-packed treat. The romance between Flint and TV weather girl Sam (Faris) has some nice moments - Flint creates a giant jelly palace just for her - but it never really gels. It can be touching when it wants to be, however; Flint and his father;s relationship is beautifully played out, with Tim wishing his son happy but doesn't want him to make a fool of himself. Or banished. Isn't that every father's dream?
The 2D version will be released on 16th October.