US Marine Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) is brutally tortured and killed, but is brought back to life by a team of scientists, led by Dr. Harting (Guy Pearce), and with the help of nanotechnology which gives him incredible superhuman abilities. As his memories begin to return, Garrison remembers his former life and sets out on a bloody path of revenge...


There's so much about 'Bloodshot' that could potentially work, but doesn't through to a failure in creative decision-making. The central conceit - man brought back from the dead with technology, goes on a course of revenge - is cliched, but even the twist that comes from a mile off has its uses. If a slightly more judicious approach was taken, and done with a little bit more thought, it might have been something interesting.

What 'Bloodshot' winds up with is yet another painfully trite, woefully executed action movie with Vin Diesel that will take up space in cinemas for two weeks than evaporate into thin air. Remember 'The Last Witch Hunter' or 'Babylon AD'? No, neither do I. It's telling that outside of the carefully managed, heavily produced franchises that Diesel is a member of, none of them seem to work. Why? Because he isn't that much of an actor to begin with, and the directors and producers on those movies know how to position him to get the best out of him.

'Bloodshot' has Diesel gargling his way through ropey, clunky dialogue and action sequences that feel like you should have a controller in your hand. The supporting cast of Guy Pearce, Toby Kebbell, Eiza Gonzalez and Lamorne Morris all fill out their performances like people waiting for the cheque to clear, while the direction by first-timer David S.F. Wilson is dull and tiresome, ticking box after box of action trope without ever once making it remotely exciting. Meanwhile, Jeff Wadlow and Eric Heisserer's script borders on brilliant in its ability to be utterly forgettable.

Bottom line, 'Bloodshot' misses the mark so badly that it's not even worth the time or effort to think of another pun to wrap this whole thing up. Avoid.