Mark Zuckerberg has broken his silence about Facebook movie, The Social Network.

The CEO of the site, who is played by Jesse Eisenberg in David Fincher's film saw the movie with a bunch of his employees on opening day, after booking out an entire cinema so they could see it together. When asked about it at a public talk at the 26 year old billionaire said "The thing that I think is most thematically interesting that they got wrong is... the whole framing of the movie, I'm with this girl who doesn't exist in real life who dumps me. They frame it as if the whole reason for making Facebook and building something was because I wanted to get girls, or wanted to get into some sort of social institution. The reality for people that know me is that I've been dating the same girl since before I started Facebook so obviously that's not a part of it." He then quipped, "It's interesting what stuff they focused on getting right. Every single shirt or fleece I had in that movie is actually a shirt of fleece that I own!"

Aaron Sorkin has admitted that parts of the film were amped up for dramatic effect, but the deposition scenes are apparently word for word - which is where the bulk of the movie comes from. But I don't buy that David Fincher, a man with notorious attention to detail as the preproduction on Zodiac proves, would dilute the truth to such an excessive amount just for a better story. Zuckerberg is handling the whole thing extremely well regardless.

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