The saga of getting Zack Snyder's version of 'Justice League' is more than we're able to fit into an introductory line of an article.

More to the point, it's one of those things where you can't really talk about it without giving the context of a small but committed - to the point of insanity, almost - ultra-fans who gamed social media into making it happen.

And for what, exactly? A movie that was considered "unwatchable" by studio executives when it was first screened for them? Are two years and endless Twitter trending topics going to make it suddenly better? Who knows. What we do know, however, is that the first clip is now online.

All of less than 30 seconds, the clip shows Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman staring frightfully at some old painting of Darkseid, a character that was cut entirely from 'Justice League' and replaced by Steppenwolf, voiced by our own Ciaran Hinds.

The clip then cuts to Darkseid's first reveal, with lots of CGI pixels moving around the screen to illustrate that point. All the while, some very loud choir music blasts. About as subtle as a fart in a bath-tub, basically. But then again, that's Zack Snyder's style.

The sneak-peek is a teaser for the DC FanDome, an online convention-style event that Warner Bros. are running in lieu of San Diego Comic-Con this year, so odds are more footage and a release date will be firmed up during the event.

For now, peek the sneak-peek.